Sew 4Eva.

I had a busy week last week. Shipping and sewing. It’s always such a great feeling to see others enjoy something you’ve made. Here are a few more little things that were new in the last week. You can also find them in my shop. Why is sewing SO much fun? Once you get it down and can make something that seems perfectly like something you would buy in a store, all the magic behind store-bought items disappears and you realize…I know how that’s made and I can do it too. Simple. So the challenge drives me until the end result is finished and I can smile at having done it. I’ve got a few more clutches coming, that experienced a few hiccups in production. Even if it’s not sewing, I hope you’ve got something in your life you love to do as much as I love this.


6 thoughts on “Sew 4Eva.

  1. I’m glad you have found something that brings you so much joy and that truly blesses others… like me! You are so talented and I look forward to seeing all the beautiful things you continue to create! And I agree with Matt, the gray clutch is one of the best yet!

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