She’s back.

Finally, after about 11 weeks of being broody, Lyra, the “chicken hawk”, has regained her mental capacity and composure, and come out of the nesting box to resume her life as a backyard chicken.

 She did not survive her self-inflicted ordeal unscathed however. She is significantly thinner and her poor little comb is grayish and flopped over.

But she doesn’t care. In fact, she acts like she’s on top of her game. She is the only one who can jump up on the fence. So she does it all the time…then flies/flings herself off, aiming straight for and often landing on another hen.

 She also sits on the fence for long periods of time watching Matt work on his projects in the garage. I have a great view of her from the dining room.

 Her reappearance has definitely added a new vibe to the backyard scene. But I’m mostly excited to get some green/blue eggs again. Our eggs have been looking so…so boringly brownish.


3 thoughts on “She’s back.

  1. Maybe Matt & Haley will spring for some fertile eggs next time, Lyra. Persistence should be rewarded, even stupid persistence.

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