Guild Update

Two of the three sisters are looking awesome if I do say so myself.

Some moles have come dangerously close to uprooting the corn and therefore dangerously close to death by shovel or glaring stare and flailing fists of anger.

A few more weeks and we’ll get to plant the missing link, the beans. Sigh…it’s weird how relaxing looking at growing plants is. What’s that all about?

 And it turns out that chard and other hardy greens bolt really quickly. I’m used to leisurely picking leafy salad greens for weeks. But in about 2 weeks, these greens were flowering and tasting much more bitter than normal. So I pulled them to make room for more of what we eat most. Plus it made Miss Marple happy.

These two missed out. Lyra was too busy being a broody…brat. As you can see she’s all turned around, ready to protect the eggs she’s hiding. And Amelia can’t be bothered with Lyra’s attitude, so she lays next door.

Urban farm life is sort of fascinating.


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