Pinterest Fail – Shower Head Cleaner

“Oh look, my shower head is all grimy and gross. Guess I better come up with some simple, DIY trendy solution. I”ll make it look easy and kinda homestead-ish too. Oh, and I’ll spread my idea around on Pinterest. I’m Cool.”

But guess what!? It doesn’t work AT ALL.

Original Pin:

Pinned Image


Why this fails:

A. It took me like 10 minutes to add and keep adding vinegar and baking soda until the nozzle was covered, so the original ratio originally given were not enough, causing a big hassle. This 10 minutes does not include the time it slipped out of my hand, sending the nasty crap all over my bathroom.

B. It didn’t work. And I notice…the original blog post, doesn’t show an “after” picture either…I wonder why?????

My “after” shot:

Looks pretty much like before. Got a Pinterest Fail? Email me!


10 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail – Shower Head Cleaner

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