DIY Sidewalk Chalk.

Here’s a big hurrah for nephews turning three…”Hurrah!” Not only does it mean that I get to spend more time with him, it means I can make stuff I wouldn’t normally make for myself. You know, like star-shaped sidewalk chalk.

I’m surprised that a picture of homemade sidewalk chalk isn’t next to the words “simple” and/or “easy” in the dictionary. Cause it’s freakishly simple and easy. Here’s how:

You need, plaster of paris, water, tempera paint and a mold of some kind. I’ve only tried a silicone mold. If you use a metal one, lightly spray it with cooking oil, so it will fall out easier. Though I’m not sure how this will effect the color. You can also use a cookie cutter. Simply put the cookie cutters on wax paper, hold them still while you fill it with the goo, then let it set.

Mix 1 cup plaster of paris, 3/4 cup water and some paint in a bowl. Add paint until you like the color. Pour it into the mold and let it set over night.


Like I said…simple and easy. I also made a cute drawstring bag to hold the 12 stars I ended with. Follow this tutorial if you’d like to make one as well.

Perhaps next time I’ll bite the bullet and buy a dinosaur mold…for crayons perhaps?


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