Bedtime Beanie (Now on Etsy!)

Why are kids always the most fun to make stuff for!? You can choose whimsical fabric and make everything shaped like an animal. I love it. Here’s the latest addition to my ever-growing “random things I make for kids” list, and they are available on Etsy, here.

This is a microwaveable bedtime beanie. It’s filled with jasmine rice, flax seed and lavender oil. It’s the same concept as the baby belly bags, but this is geared towards older kiddos. It’s the perfect beanie to use when your little guy or gal isn’t feel so great, isn’t sleeping well, or just feels like snuggling with something. I can just hear my nephew now, “I want my whale Mommy…” in that cute whiny voice he has when he’s sleepy.

Besides making more whales, I’ll be adding an elephant to the list of beanie creations. Any other ideas from you all? It needs to be a simple shape with a recognizable silhouette.


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