Pinterest Fail

I’ve been chuckling to myself lately when I’m walking around thrift stores, because I’ve been seeing all sorts of pinterest projects gone wrong. Summer is approaching here in Oregon and people are slowly but surely cleaning out their nooks and crannies. This includes dumping their failed craft projects as fast as possible. So I thought to myself, “I should start a Pinterest Fail section of my blog”. I thought it was a genius idea. I googled it when I got home and found it already exists. But I’m going to do it anyway…cause I thought of it too.

So here is the first official Pinterest Fail found at Goodwill:

I assume this was the inspiration from Pinterest:

Pinned Image

You could tell that the vase was supposed to look like wood. What’s more is that there were two of these vases. We all know what that’s like. You start something and you can tell it’s not going well, but you finish it to completion anyways, making the project even more frustrating. Plus it’s really not as easy as it looks to hot glue lines like that. I know their hand had to be cramping by the end of this.

What’s funny to me, is that this person obviously thought they were cool enough for someone else to want them. They gave them up for re-sale. Or they just couldn’t bear to see their hard work get tossed.

One thing to note about Pinterest Fails…it’s only a fail if A. You say it is and it’s your creation (it’s healthy to laugh/share our mistakes with one another), B. It’s obvious that the original “pin” is so ridiculously hard to achieve that the average DIYer is helpless to attempt it…(cause they’ve tried and it sucked), OR C. You spot something that doesn’t belong to anyone anymore and you can tell it looks like a pinterest wanna-be. If the owner of these weird vases had them sitting proudly on their mantel…it wouldn’t be a fail. I might not like them, but that doesn’t make them a fail. I don’t like lots of stuff on pinterest (including the original vase). But if you made it and love it, it’s a success. It will hold success status until you give it to a thrift store and I spot it…then, FAIL!

If you see/experience a Pinterest Fail, send it my way!


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