Savvy Corgi

What kind of dog is this? Every morning for the past couple of weeks, right around 8 am, Gideon, from somewhere on the floor, starts whining. You can hear him pacing the perimeter of the bed. Sometimes around 6:30 am, he starts letting out little “woofs”. He hears one of the chickens outside starting her “egg song” or asking to be let out of the coop. He let’s us know by woofing softly…it’s rather irritating. But I assumed this whining meant, “Come on, I gotta use the yard and I can’t open the door.”

I’ll get up and say, “Okay, okay! I’ll let you out, hold on.” I put on my sweats, a sweatshirt, throw my hair up like it make a difference, slip on shoes and then realize Gideon isn’t sitting by the door. In fact…where is he?

So here’s the deal. He whines and whines until I get up…so he can jump up and have the bed to himself. It’s 10am right now…he’s still fast asleep.



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