Upholstery 102

This is where we stand on the chair thing (or should I say sit? Get it?…it’s a joke…a pun, come on people.)

The “demo” part was really fun! I followed my cousins advice (Thanks Katrina) and carefully removed the existing fabric so I could use it as a template for the new stuff. There was a white satin floral fabric underneath someone had covered over. I can understand why.

The more and more I took off, however, the more and more gross things got. Clouds of opaque misty dust started hovering around and I felt like I was breathing in oldness, which I’m sure I was. There were two layers of padding. The bottom layer had almost completely disintegrated and had the same texture as old fabric batting/insulation. It was coming apart is cloudy chunks.

Then I found this little treasure.

Four pens, 1 quarter, 1 dime, and 1/2 red crayon, all mixed in a cocktail of old food. This hit my gag reflex, hard. I dumped it out as fast and I could and moved on.

So, today and tomorrow, Upholstery 103…the making it pretty part.


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