Ah Ha!

This is in contrast to my post, uh ho. from two days ago. I ended up dominating the dress-making dilemma. (Excuse the fuzzy pics…taking pictures isn’t my husband’s forte’.) For anyone interested this is a Burda 7514 A style pattern. I made the sash from scraps.

So for about $35, I made a custom, unique and lovely bridesmaids dress. I’m pumped up right now. I wish I could have found a darker zipper. There were also a couple of steps I skipped. I got confused and irritated, so I just started sewing stuff. Turned out okay though, so that’s what matters ;)

This is not the end of my clothes making.

This can get addicting huh?


7 thoughts on “Ah Ha!

  1. Your craftiness amazes me! I’m pretty sure you are the Super Woman of anything home/hand made! Go you! :) You inspire me to learn how to sew!

  2. you’re amazing.
    You’re beautiful.
    when I grow up, I want to be like you!
    seriously.. stop making everyone else look bad!

  3. Let me know if you want to practice on a much smaller scale. I’d be happy to buy patterns and fun fabrics for a certain size 18-24 month model….. :-)

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