uh oh.

What the h-e-double hockey sticks have I gotten myself into?

 I don’t make clothes often. But I am always mending, adding, and changing my existing clothes. I also think I’m a competent sewer or at least a confident one. I often start a project never having done anything like it and just going for it. Laying it all out in my mind, seeing the end result and most often, getting there just fine. Friends will ask, “Hey, can you make me a blah-bidi-blah?”. I almost always respond, “Totally. Yeah! How big do you want it?” Whilst in my head I am thinking, “Mmmhhh…can I make that? Yeah I think so…never done it before but it can’t be too hard.”

So I almost never use patterns for anything. Also because pattern language is not English. Honestly. I’m not a stupid person. But you need a doctorate in linguistics to understand that crap! It took me like 20 minutes of head rubbing to understand this sentence, “Lay front sides right side together with center front”. After I got it I couldn’t believe how long it had taken me…there HAS to be a better way to word that!

I keep wanting to veer off the patterned path and start following my sewing instincts, but I fear that will take me someplace that no dress-maker returns from. But this is why I don’t like patterns. They make people afraid to sew. People who are creative and possess all the skills needed to learn to sew, take one look at a pattern and run the other way.

I know, I know. I’ll get use to it, it takes practice, just pick up the lingo, etc. But I have a dream…that someday, people of all sewing levels, novice and pro, fearful and confident…will find solace in a simple, easy to follow pattern…and I’ll write that pattern. And I’ll shake my fist at the pattern world and say, “Ha! Take that! I believe in equal rights for all those who dare make a bridesmaids dress for that upcoming wedding! I believe in their abilities! I want to HELP them…not hinder them. So…HA again!”.

Happy sewing…hopefully.


10 thoughts on “uh oh.

  1. I have zero doubt in your sewing or creating abilities.what’s that last remark in your post though? Have I just stumbled upon an opportunity?!

  2. I agree 100%. Patterns often suck. I’ve had to work with them a lot because I was the TA in the sewing lab at Fox…but I don’t think I am any better at decifering them because of that fact!

    • They do!I can totally see how, even if you spend tons of time with them, they might not get easier to understand. I swear that they were translated into english.

  3. That was what the old “home ec” classes were for. I used patterns all the time in the 60’s & 70’s, but then I stopped sewing in the 80’s. My mom also taught me all the lingo, so your sample sentence seemed pretty easy to me. Just remember, I no longer sew, so I can be a know it all from the old days when everything was great. Oh, wait a minute. It was the 60’s, maybe not so great.

  4. You’re making your own dress for Emily’s wedding! Wicked! I’m jealous, I’m going to have to shell out too much money for something that doesn’t fit right and makes me itch. If only I had your skills! I can’t wait to see the end result!

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