You know you want one.

 You wont regret it either. You can’t go wrong with Tillamook Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream and Barq’s rootbeer.

 It’s Friday night…throw caution and diets to the freakin wind.


4 thoughts on “Float-tastic.

  1. yummy! I had rootbeer last night but I didnt think about putting my icecream into my rootbeer that would have made it an even more epic food night! Rootbeer floats are the best

    • They are the best. Especially if you let it stand there for a like 3-5 minutes after putting the rootbeer on…the soda “crunchifies” the ice cream…yum. Hence why I was able to handle waiting to take these picture of the float…because I was waiting for the crunchy-ness.

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