Knitting. Check.

Eeeeekkk! (Excited sound). I have just finished my first ever knitting project. Well, if you count the three times that I finished a scarf and pulled it out, then it wouldn’t be my first. But it’s my first ever completed knitting project. Cast off and done, for which I’m grateful.

 I’m not glad it’s done because I don’t enjoy knitting, rather because I can start something else. Though I gotta tell ya, the thought of using smaller needles and thinner thread sounds miserable. Wouldn’t projects take forever?! I think size 19 needles and chunky yarn is about all I have patience for at this point.

Shout out to the “knitting-yoda”, as I call Victoria, for teaching me how to take “sticks and string” and make pretty stuff :)

Happy Knitting!


3 thoughts on “Knitting. Check.

  1. Maybe complete a couple more projects before you try lace, then. I love it! It is certainly slower-going, but magical when you block it at the end and this beautiful design appears.

  2. Anna that sounds awesome! Yeah I need to try to knit a pattern or something more complex. I’ve also heard that turning your first heel is an epic moment. Any pattern you want to send my way I’d take and try it!

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