Once upon a time…an old kitchen made new.

Okay Matthew…this post is for you. You’ve been practically begging me to post about our kitchen remodel (from two years ago). Acting insulted by the fact that I hadn’t done so already. It’s just so freaking exhausting hunting down all the pictures and recapping for the 30th time all that went down that crazy summer (same summer we added a laundry room). But here it is, cliff notes version.

So for you all, a glimpse of our kitchen.


Note, the washing machine. Really…it was right there. I kid you not. Imagine having dirty socks right across from where you cut fruit. Ugh. There was also no dishwasher and it came with a lovely little buffet jut-out, as you see on the left there. The kitchen also came complete with faux river rock floors, pink silver-flecked counter tops, an old ceiling fan-light and a “dining area” so small you could hardly fit a table there (on the left just in front of the buffet thing). One reason you can’t see the little dining area is because the doorway to this room was tiny. It was literally the size of a bedroom door. And, very unfortunately for some who is a slight perfectionist, it was off-center. Sigh. I could hardly stand it.

So, we busted open the wall and re-did the stuffy little thing ourselves.


 It’s funny how people think that an all white kitchen will feel cold or plain. It’s felt like the opposite of that for us. We love the way the natural light bounces off the cabinets which brightens the whole space and consequently, our moods. We feel great when we are working in here. It feels clean and airy. We did all the work ourselves, which means we appreciate it even more. Why wait until right before you move out to update a space? I’d rather live in it!

Here are some more “before (during construction) and after” shots:

Check out the Matt-built pantry and coat closet! (It’s hard to see the glass knobs in this pic)


This gives you an idea of how small the doorway was. You can also see the light that hung over the “dining area”.


This is looking back into the kitchen. A much wider opening…centered perfectly on the wall :)


We love our kitchen. But to really get a sense of who Matt and I are, you have to understand, no matter how much we improve something, we’ll change it again later. We’re already planning a dormer addition to our garage that will add two rooms and a bathroom to our house. This means we would rip out the utility room we built and rip out half of the kitchen and re-do it. And guess what? We’re excited about it.

So…the blog posts will be never-ending.

Happy Demolition!

Want to know where we got what? Just ask!


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time…an old kitchen made new.

  1. that is crazy to see the before. I forgot just how much you guys did to it! I love it (although I loved the little shelves you had jutting into the room).

  2. Remember the stuff we found cleaning out the cabinets! It is crazy to be reminded of the before- you did so much- Its an awesome kitchen :)

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