Today’s Festivities.

Guess what I did this morning?

Just went on a 13.1 mile stroll with my sis-in-law Sara, that’s all. And while I did not display athletic prowess enviable to anyone…I’m sure damn proud of myself for getting it done. It almost didn’t happen. About 2 months ago, with my training on track, hitting 7 miles on my weekend long runs, my hip started aching. I stopped running. My hubby, who was also signed up for the race, got really busy and stopped running. With a week to spare, the inevitable was made official, he wouldn’t be able to run the race. He was going to be at a conference, out of town.

 I was feeling crappy. How stupid of me to sign up for this. What made me think I could do it anyway? Do I go pick up the shirt I bought? I suck. Maybe I won’t say anything to anyone and they’ll just forget I ever signed up for one.

Then…in a moment of genius/desperation…I asked my runner sis-in-law Sara, if she’d be up for running it with me. After a few minutes of contemplating what she would be getting herself into (she’d run one before) she decided to take on the challenge. Instantly my mood improved…I could do this! She helped pump me back up with talk of race times, jelly beans, water bottle belts, running skirts, race strategy, etc (Thanks Sara!). So I went for 2 runs last week, 3 miles and 7 miles. I wanted to asses how my hip was doing and not overdo it before the race. My hip felt great. Then, race day came this morning and we had so much fun! We kept a steady pace, able to chat the whole way through. We paid close attention to our aches and pains, making sure we didn’t kill ourselves. We simply enjoyed the experience and were so happy to be there. Now I know what to expect for next time. :)  (How people run that twice is beyond me. Ugh…it makes me physically tired just thinking about it. That’s truly an amazing feat.)

Mostly, I’m so proud of myself for not giving in to negative self-talk…for once. Maybe this will be a new beginning. Instead of automatically thinking, “Haley, are you serious? No way.”, I will think, “Haley, you are great. Why not try it?”.


7 thoughts on “Today’s Festivities.

  1. That’s amazing!!!

    And on a totally unrelated note – I saw tons of Pyrex at an antique mall in Long Beach, WA and was thinking of you every time I saw a new dish! If you ever get yourself up there, you may find some new treasures! (I also saw some at a Goodwill outside of Astoria!)

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