Vintage heaven right here on Earth.

And you’d never expect to find it in CT. But alas, there it was. The English Building Market in down town New Haven. My friend Julie said, “Yeah, there is this really cool store that you would love…it’s called English Building Market, it’s got all sorts of cool antiques.” I thought, “Right, cool.” Cause really, after scoping out almost all the antique malls in Portland you begin to see a lot of the same vibe. You learn to walk in and head for sections you think might have what you’re looking for and there are usually sections or booths that you pass right by. Or it’s a vintage market where there seems to be an unspoken rule that nothing can be priced at under $50.

I walked into this English Building Market, AKA Heaven, and about pee’d my pants with excitement.

 So much excitement, that I actually took pictures, (I asked permission). I’ve never taken pictures inside a store, ever. Every nook and cranny was like a chic still life.

Filled to the brim with pieces I could envision in my own home.

 The prices astonished me, it was so reasonable! Some trendy Portlander would have turned this place into basically a museum. But not here, here I could actually afford to take a little bit of the joy home with me.

 They have covered all era’s here, modern, 70’s, 30’s, you name it. One thing I really liked about the set-up of the store was that everything was displayed in such a way, that you kind of had to dig through stuff to see what was there. So in a way, you felt like you were discovering some hidden treasure. People who shop at stores like this, are people who like the discovery of a piece. When it’s all stacked on shelves and organized by size, shape and color, it doesn’t seem unique. Here it was almost like being at the best estate sale of your life. Where you can discover something in the corner that the last person missed.

 Vintage clothes? They’ve got TONS of that.

Vintage fabric? Tons of that too.

 Vintage Pyrex and other unique dishes? Yeah they’ve got it.

Every corner of this place sparkles.

If you are a lover of antiques and/or beautiful spaces, I know you’ll feel the same way.

Places like this are so inspiring to me…

…like getting a shot of creative adrenaline.

 So congrats to Carol Orr who began the English Building Market and who keeps it in its current heavenly state. I’m sure it took a lot of elbow grease to make it what it is and a lot of energy to keep it how it is.

 Sigh. If New Haven wasn’t 2,696 miles away, you can bet I’d be a regular.


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