Chalkboard Joy.

On one of my salvage store treks this week while searching for glass knobs, I saw this $5 door leaning against a wall. It was pretty nasty. Covered in cobwebs and dust with toxic paint chips flaking off. There are so many creative uses for old cabinet doors and shutters. One of my favorites, is the “old door turned chalkboard sign” thing.  

I throughly washed this bad boy with hot soapy water and rinsed it just as thoroughly. After it had completely dried I lightly sanded the surface, wiped it all down and masked off the edges.

I slapped on two coats of chalkboard paint, waiting about 20 hours between coats. I have chalkboard spray paint, but I wanted a nice thick layer of paint. So I picked up a quart at Lowes.

 When all was said and done, I peeled off the tape and added brackets to the back of the door.

 Before I scribbled a cute quote on it, I covered the surface with chalk and erased it in order to get a nice semi-used look…and voila! A perfect sign for our dining room!

 One thing is for sure, I love chalkboard paint. What else could I cover with this liquid magic? The possibilities are endless…as is my husband’s anxiety over what I’ll do with the left-overs.

Now we need to practice what we preach and invite people over to gather and to eat.


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