Time to get knobby.

One long REI-dividend story short, I had a few bucks extra to spend the past week. I decided to spend it on making simple updates around the house…’cause that’s what I like to do. Not many people would spend their rarely received spending money on door knobs and paint. But I do.

First off, this was the state of our door knobs…

 Scratched and peeling…they were kinda gross. I’ve always loved glass door knobs, so I went on a hunt for some. I hit up all of the Portland salvage stores first. I quickly discovered that old glass knobs do not come cheap. Even the beat up ones were spendy. I was NOT about to pay $28 for one door knob. No matter how old and cool it was. Instead I went to Lowes. I was able to spend $25 and get all the knobs we needed, plus some special spray paint to make the brass base fit the existing black plate on each door.

 I covered each glass knob ($6ish for a pair) with painters tape and sprayed two even coats of dark spray paint on the brass base. It dried. I peeled off the tape (my favorite part)…and glee ensued.

 Fancy look for 1/6th the price.

We also updated our dining room a little bit. We painted it a fresh bright blue and I’ll be recovering our drum shade with a fun fabric here in couple days. More on that later.


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