Pulling Weeds + Child Labor = Acceptable.

Sometimes, when you see what you let become of your raised beds over the winter months…it can get depressing. You can’t stop thinking about the time when it was all pretty, the soil was dark and smooth, and edible wonderfulness grew as far as the eye could see. It’s a big job getting beds back to a vegetable-worthy state. So we needed big help.

Enter, the Nephew.

We had no idea pulling weeds could be so much fun.

Great excitement ensued when we realized that we were unearthing all sorts of chicken snacks. That is, snacks for chickens.

Worms, centipedes, slugs and even a beetle were promptly captured and supplied to the pleasantly surprised hens.

First we threw the snacks over the fence…

Then we threw snacks under the fence…

Then we got real lazy…

Gradually, weeding and feeding turned into playing. “Let’s walk through the jungle”. “AAHHH I see a lion over there!” “I’m trapped in the dirt pit!”

“Okay, I wanna go inside now. I want egg nog.”…

…”Mmhhmm…How does chocolate milk sound?”


4 thoughts on “Pulling Weeds + Child Labor = Acceptable.

    • You are right! It was great to see him unafraid of all the creepy crawlies. He would try to hand me a big slug…I would pretend that I really needed to be taking pictures.

      And he loves hard work! The second we got out of the car he yelled, “Okay, let’s start work!” He’s learned from his family that working with your hands is rewarding in so many ways.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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