DIY Knit Pillow Cover

 Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Really.

I love the look of knit pillows. I’ve always assumed that they were too spendy for me. Until I saw this idea on pinterest. It’s almost too simple…I keep waiting for a catch…but there isn’t one. So try it out!

Pick up a 2nd hand sweater. Wash it and air dry.

Cut out the torso.

 I sewed the center down, so it wouldn’t pull when I stuffed the pillow in there.

Turn inside out and sew three edges closed. You can either whip stitch the last edge closed with the pillow inside or add an invisible zipper. My puppers likes to lounge on our pillows. I like to be able to remove the covers and give them a wash every once in a while. I couldn’t find a tan zipper…and I’m inpatient, so I picked up a white one.

Turn right side out, stuff with a pillow and zip up.

 Take a nap.


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