East coast, here I am.

I’m posting to you from the 2,969 miles away from my home. See I’ve got a lovely friend who moved over here last summer…and I’ve missed her.

I’m not the only one who has missed her. I’ve got two good friends who have also been waiting for an oppertunity to see her. This friend, Julie, has a husband named Tyler, whom we’ve also missed dearly. Tyler helped us plan a trip to see him and his beau. Better yet…a surprise trip. So for 5 months we’ve been secretly scheming behind Julie’s back. That’s what friends do.

Here is the look on Julie’s face, the moment she saw us standing outside her building…a jaw dropped look to make any “surpriser” feel successful.

Today we’re going to explore Yale, the beautiful school where these friends live. We’ve got a few trips into New York and Boston planned out. I’m especially excited for our lantern ghost tour of Plymouth.

So here’s to Tyler for lying to his wife, to Jenna and Kara for keeping me sane on an airplane and to Julie, for being such an incredible person…anyone would love to spend a week with her.

p.s. I’ve got a few posts already set up that will be coming this week!


2 thoughts on “East coast, here I am.

  1. I have the most amazing friends ever!!!! I am so excited to have them here this week- Let the adventures begin :)

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