Working Hard.

I don’t know if you know this, but laying an egg is hard work. I dare you to YouTube “hen lays an egg”. Woah.

 I thought hens just puffed up, sat down and looked cute for a while…like above…then suddenly they stand up and there is a lovely egg. Not so. But it makes you appreciate these amazing animals. When Amelia, who lays the largest eggs, lays a particularly big one…I like to hold her, warm her up, give her a special treat. “Hope you’re okay Amelia…that must have been traumatic. But good job. It’s over now, until tomorrow. Thanks for doing what you do…the result is delicious.” I’m pretty sure the neighbors have overheard me.


4 thoughts on “Working Hard.

  1. I did it. I you tubed it. GROSS!!!! That WAS hard work! Just like birthing a baby, minus the screams, the blood, and lots of other goo!

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