Homemade Hand Soap.

I saw this tutorial being shared on facebook and I knew I HAD to try it out! I really like “good” hand soap. I especially love Mrs Meyers basil scented hand soap. You can buy a 12.5oz container of basil handsoap and a 33oz refill pack online for $9.99 (before shipping.) For under that price you can make 128oz of the same handsoap.

With this tutorial you take a bar of soap, a gallon of water and 2 Tbs glycerin to create a whole gallon of your favorite hand soap. So I ventured out to make the basil hand soap but I couldn’t find the bar for my life. I was jonesin’ to start the project so I didn’t want to order it online. I picked up some Burt’s Bees cranberry and pomegranate bar soap. Smells sssooo good!

What you need: Like I mentioned you’ll need liquid glycerin (I found this at Rite Aid in the first aid section), your favorite bar soap, and 1 gallon of water. I actually bought a gallon of water so I could use the container to store the soap when it was all finished. You’ll also need a pot, grater, spatula, funnel and a soap dispenser to put your soap in!

Here’s how it works:

Put 1 gallon water in a pot on the stove. Shred the entire bar of soap and add to the water.

Add 2 Tbs glycerin. Turn on med/high heat and stir until the soap melts. It’ll just look like soapy water.

Remove from heat. It 2-3 hours you’ll see it’s looking cloudy. After 12ish hours the soap should have firmed up.

Stir it and if you’re satisfied with the consistency, then you’re good to go! If you think it should be thinner, beat the soap while adding a little bit of water. If it should be thicker, you can let it sit for a few more hours. If it’s still not thick enough, you can start the process over by adding more soap, melting it and letting it sit again. Go soap!


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