Scrabble Wonderfulness

This is one of those things that you see pictures of all over the internet and think they’re adorable but never make them. They really are quick, simple and inexpensive to make.

 People are selling these for $24 on Etsy…you can easily make them yourself for under $10. Depending on how much you pay for an old scrabble game or letters. I had an old game from Goodwill ($4.00) and some worn out cork board coasters I bought 3 years ago. I checked it out before hand and found the coasters fit perfectly over the scrabble letters (about 3″x3″). But you can buy cork board at any craft store. I bought a can of spray on ployurethane (satin finish) to seal the coasters. I had used mod podge at first, then realized the condensation from a glass re-wets the mod podge…not good.

You can choose actual words or do random letters. 5 Letters across would be an ok size as well. I created a “theme” for each one of my coasters: Home, warm, cozy, rest. Seed, crop, tend, dirt. Brew, java, bean, cafe. Hens, farm, coop, eggs.

Hot glue each letter to the cork. Be sure to glue the edges together as well.

Cut off the excess cork with scissors or an x-acto knife.

Clean the excess glue off the letters. I lightly sanded the sides of the cork.

Coat well with a layer of sealant. Let dry for at least an hour.

These would make a very cute gift!

I’m using one currently. I’ve never been so excited to prevent coffee rings :)


4 thoughts on “Scrabble Wonderfulness

  1. We tried to do scrabble crafting, but there seems to be a shortage of used scrabble boards. A lady at Salv Army told us they were so popular that they pulled them out of the stock and sold them online. Glad that you found one!

    • Salvation Army has started selling all of it’s Pyrex in the “collectables” section for eBay prices. Ugh. I usually find most of my stuff at Goodwill, which is where I found that scrabble board. I think the local antiquers swoop them up because they can re-sell the letters individually at their booths. Alas, life goes on :)

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