Notice anything different?

You should!

A new blog name! “Homespun Haley” is a much better fit for the overall identity that this blog has taken on. Also, my Etsy shop is now called Homespun Haley! Yeah!! The new link is working now: Eventually I’d like to change my URL to, or at least, but that is proving to be tricky. Looks like it’s possible but at the expense of content. I need to look into it further. So for now, the URL remains, But I need to figure something out soon…that way I can change fonts, etc. I’m getting sick of this Arial.  

I like the definition of homespun – “simple and unpretentious, to be woven at home.” It reminds me of going back to the basics. Simply using resources wisely and remembering to enjoy what I have available to me. Using my imagination to fuel my creativity. I’d like to think I would never come off as pretentious. I want to share my excitement and experience with all of you simply to share it. In hopes that you would be inspired or get a good laugh at my expense. Either is fine with me. I want my creativity to produce things which others and I can enjoy and not things that will possess us. Someday we will leave these things behind. So do I really want you thinking that scrabble coasters were the most important things in my life? No way! It’s simply one way I express what is important to me…being “homespun”.


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