Cozy Clutch Tutorial

Welcome, the Cozy Valentine Clutch. Hopefully the meaning behind its name is evident. (the hearts + girly fabric + Valentines day being tomorrow).

Wanna know how to make this mini clutch? Ironically this tutorial has 14 steps. It was meant to be.

Special notes: This clutch is approximately 4″ tall x 6″ wide and 2″ deep. If you would like to make a bigger clutch, simply increase all the dimensions by a couple of inches.

Materials: One button, 4 inch elastic cord, cardstock 4″x8″, fusible interfacing 8″x15″, liner fabric 8″x15″, Outer body fabric 11″x8″ and flap fabric 4″x8″. Like all sewing projects, you will need an iron, ruler, marker/pen, scissors and/or rotary cutter.

Step one Right sides facing, place your flap fabric and body fabric together along the 8″ edge. Sew together with 1/4 inch seam allowance. Press seam open.

Step two Iron the fusible interfacing onto your liner fabric.

Step three To create a templet for your curved flap, fold a piece of 4″x8″ cardstock in half. Cut a curve from one corner to another. Tweak until you get the shape you like.

Step four Place the template onto your flap fabric and trace. Cut out the shape.

Step five Lay your fabric on top of the interfacing sandwich. Trace the same curve and cut out.

Step six Place the liner fabric and outer fabric together, right side in. Pin.

Step seven Fold your 4 inch elastic cord in half. Place this directly in the center of your curved flap, in between the liner and outer fabric. Make sure the loop is on the inside of the sandwich (you’ll be turning this inside out.)

Step eight Sew sides and curve together – 4 inch seam allowance. (Not the bottom edge)

Step nine Turn right side out and press. (Can you spot my mistake? I had to go back and fix it. Not the end of the world, what is sewn can be un-sewn.)

Step ten Fold bottom edges in about 1/2 inch, iron and stitch. This seam will be visable. You may want to change your thread color at this point.

Step eleven Fold the fabric, right side in, and stitch edges closed.

Step twelve Box the corners. While the clutch is inside out, grab the corner and flatten with the side seam flat instead of creased. Be sure to smooth out the inner fabric with your finger. You don’t want it bunching. Use a ruler to mark where the corner is 2 inches apart. Draw a line. Do this on both corners.

 Step thirteen Sew along the line and turn inside out.

 Step fourteen Pick a button and pop it on there!


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