Produce Bag Tutorial

I love little bags. I really love sewing them. I spent the majority of yesterday doing just that. There is a great tutorial for this boxy pouch which I found via another blogger. I had seen it on Pinterest, but had to try it out for myself. It’s amazing how simple it was! You should give it a go.

I also decided to make a little cozy clutch. I call it “cozy” because it’s made with fluffy interfacing. I happened to have some. When I run out I’ll go get some medium weight interfacing, for a finished product that’s a bit stiffer. I’ll start working on a tutorial for you.

In the mean time, I also pumped out a few produce bags. I love these simple draw string bags. I take them to the grocery store and use them for everything from oranges to bulk rice. Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial I created for this handy bag. This is a project that would be great for beginners who feel more comfortable following instructions as opposed to just “seeing what happens”, which tends to be my method Trust me, it doesn’t always end in my favor.

Materials needed: 30 inches of strong twine or string, piece of fabric (I chose linen for this tutorial, but often use cotton) measuring 18″x12″, coordinating thread. Like most sewing projects have a ruler, scissors and iron at the ready.

Special notes: The bag created from an 18″x12″ piece of fabric will produce an 8″x10 1/2″ bag. Which is pictured above. You can adjust the size however you wish. No need to spend 15 minutes squaring things either. The beauty of these sacks is that they get used up, washed and tossed around, so don’t stress making it perfect. I used a tight zigzag stitch through out the project for added strength. Sometimes I put upwards of ten oranges in a sack and this stitch helps hold things together.

Step 1 Fold the length of your fabric (the 18″ length) in about 1 inch and iron flat. Sew the hem down, creating a “tube”. This is the tube that will eventually house your drawstring.

Step 2 Fold in half, right sides facing in. Fold the bottom edges up about 1 inch. Iron and stitch.

Step 3 Fold side (open edge) in about 1/2 an inch, iron and stitch starting just after the “tube”. Careful not to stitch the tube closed.

Step 4 Turn right side out. Thread your twine through the tube. I like to tie the sting to a safety pin and feed the pin through the tube. Knot the twine and viola! You’ve got yourself a produce bag!

If you are feeling really creative, you can mix and match patterns to create some adorable bags. Here are some others that I have created.

Have fun!


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