Big Elephants for Little Guys.

Little Samuel (my nephew) and his soon-to-be baby brother will be sharing a room here is a few months time. Momma is spending lots of her time preparing the space for the new arrival. Yes, that’s right, nesting. Q: What to do to set this room apart, to make it unique for the new brothers? A: A mural. The inspiration: a fabric print of an elephant and a color scheme, gray and orange. Momma came up with the idea of having the whole family painted on the wall, each with its own unique, simple detail to set it apart. Go momma.

Auntie (that’s me) showed up to make it a reality. Here’s a sneak peek of their new space. It’s hard to get a good idea of scale and depth when looking at these pictures, but the elephants span the entire width of the wall. Eventually, when the room is all set up, I’ll post updated pics so you can get grasp the depth more easily.

 The whole fam. Daddy with his square glasses.

Mommy with her long lashes.

 Big brother with his fountain nose and baby striking an adorable pose.

I mentioned this in my post about the mural from our bedroom but I’ll say it again, chalk is the best way to go when outlining a mural on a wall. You can easily erase and re-sketch any shape and you can paint right over it. This mural only took a few hours to fully complete.

 Samuel loves the elephants. He wants to know which one you like the best. I of course tell him, the Samuel elephant is my favorite.

 Though it’s hard to beat baby elephant hanging on to big brothers tail.

 This was such a fun project to work on! Hopefully my new little nephew will enjoy it too. Can’t wait to meet you little guy.


2 thoughts on “Big Elephants for Little Guys.

  1. This is so great and I love how you wrote it. My favorites are the two little ones… who can resist chubby orange elephants? Not this lady. :) You are sooo talented and I know your nephews will enjoy it for years to come! Thanks again for your work!

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