The Sweet Life.

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of desserts.You will also know that I like to bake desserts. What you might not know, is my method for limiting dessert consumption. Cause it can get bad. Besides vanilla ice cream, which I buy about twice monthly before I feel guilty spending our grocery money on it, I usually buy desserts rarely. I like to test out Trader Joe’s newest seasonal junk item, but not very often.

So my method for making sure I don’t eat only sugar for the day, is this: If I’m craving dessert…I’ll have to make it. When my brain tells me suddenly, “eat sweet thing now” I have to go into the kitchen, look around and see what’s there to make. Cookies are the easiest and I usually have the ingredients. By the time I actually whip up the cookies, I’ll eat 2 and be done. The feeling for something sweet has passed. I’ll pack some up for a neighbor or friend, Matt eats a few and takes some for lunch so there’s not usually tons left to devour.

It can be an annoying method, but one I don’t intend to change. Plus, now I can whip up snickerdoodles from memory in under ten minutes. I’ve definitely got some favorite recipes that you would enjoy as well.

So, I decided to make something for my friends…

Want one?


6 thoughts on “The Sweet Life.

    • Now that I see AJ’s comment…I have a reputation as well, but not as a “tart.” I would love to share a few favorites too, if you’d like. The Reids were here last night and Kayla was getting my pizza dough recipe when Lia hollered from the other room to please, please get my molasses cookie recipe from last time too. :) It’s definitely one of my favorites.

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