Welcome, Quimby.

Say hello to the new kid in the neighborhood. Quimby.

Like Olly, I’m quite proud of him.

Quimby was only an image being tossed around in my imagination the past couple weeks…until tonight. Well, this morning if we’re being technical…it’s 12:45am.

Eventually after drawing out several patterns, cutting, re-cutting and cutting again, Quimby was suddenly there. Ready to be stuffed and stitched into reality. The blowhole was a last minute addition. Mainly because there isn’t a less offensive name for that part of the whale anatomy. Ya know, like “water spout” or “broken spigot”. It’s simply, blowhole. But I decided he needed it anyway and it turned out perfectly.

Quimby’s successors may look slightly different from him. A tail with more flip, a mouth with more smile, but Quimby has paved the way for all the future stuffed whales to come. Go Quimby.


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