Sólo lo mejor para ti mi amor. (Posole).

Oh. My. If you have never had posole, I would venture to suggest you haven’t lived. You’ve been wandering around this world, taste buds searching for the perfect flavor, texture and heat. But you haven’t quiet found it.

Until now.

Posole is traditionally made with pork. The recipe I’ve had for about 6 years calls for chicken. Since I’ve become a vegetarian, about 2 years now, I didn’t really think to make it. Until the other night, while I was having a convo with my friend Darleen. She mentioned some good posole she found recently.

Oooohhhh….Posoleeeee. I had forgotten. It was like a long-lost culinary dream came floating back. I remember sitting on the couch, my stomach full, telling myself mechanically, “You can still have more…just another bite…it’s too good to not eat.” So I decided to make a veg version of posole. It’s freakishly delicious, but even I will admit that the chicken version is better. So I’m going to give you the chicken version, and show you my vegetarian substitutes. This recipe makes enough to serve a small army. But I wouldn’t recommend cutting it in half. You’ll regret not having the left overs. Be forwarned, this recipe is a little spicy so if you’re scared of heat, lose a pepper.

Mind-blowing, uber delicious, Posole

3 chicken breasts – Boil chicken with pepper, parsley, and celery (save water). After it is cooked through, let cool and shred. For the vegetarians out there, I used extra hominy (see below) and 2 15oz cans black beans (not rinsed) to add some flavor and volume in lieu of the chicken.

1 Onion, chopped

2 Pablano peppers, chopped and seeded

1 Jalapeno, chopped and seeded

4 large garlic cloves, minced

2 – 15oz cans hominy, drained (Veg: 3 cans)

1 pinch salt

1 Tb Cumin

1 Tb Chili powder

1 ts Oregano

1/2 Cilantro, chopped

3Tb Lime juice

Avocado slices

Save chicken water. I used about 12 cups water plus 2 to 3 “no-chicken bouillon cubes” for the right flavor. You can also use chicken broth or add broth to the mixture to make about 12 cups. Vegtable broth really doesn’t taste the same, so don’t even try it.

Add onion, pablano peppers, jalapeno and garlic to your broth. I live with a man who doesn’t like a lot fo spice. To prevent him from getting a huge chunk of jalapeno or something I pureed the peppers, jalapeno and garlic beforehand. This down played the heat slightly. (I did reserve some chopped jalapeno for my own personal dish.)

Bring to a boil. Add chicken (black beans), hominy, salt, cumin, chili powder and oregano. Reduce heat and cook for 30 minutes.

Right before serving, add lime and cilantro. Serve up, toss a few avocado slices in there and eat to your heart’s content. People also garnish with shredded cabbage, radishes or a slice of lemon. I dunno. After adding avocado, I’ve eaten it too fast to even think about adding other things.


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