Dear Pyrex,

I’m so glad I found you. I have been looking for something like you for a while now. I know you’re not “New Dots” mixing bowls. Nor are you a chip and dip set. Finally no, you’re not a scallop-edged pie plate.

But you are a diamond in the rough. Equally rare and wonderful to look at, you are 1950’s, gold-rimmed, lime green dinner plates. Gold Pyrex stamp and all. It’s a shame that your bright lime green-ness doesn’t translate to photo, but nevertheless.

You. Are. Classic.

You are showing signs of fatigue. Some scratches, some fading. Worry not, you will never have to see the inside of a dishwasher again. In my house, you will be treated as fine china. On display for all to see yet protected from dust and grime.

You will only serve the finest foods (Eh, that might not be true) and you will be gently washed in mild soap and warm water when all is said and done. Above all, you will be appreciated.

Welcome home.


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