Knitting Day…time to get knotty.

Want to know what’s more therapeutic than putting your feet up, taking a deep breath and working yarn into an actual thing??

Answer: being in the presence of three amazing and beautiful women, laughing, drinking tea and talking. One of whom graciously spent the day sharing her wealth of knitting knowledge with us. Thanks again, Victoria!

Not to mention the fact that she gave us all yarn and a set of needles. “Sticks” as I originally called them. See, that’d be funny if you knit. If you don’t you’re missing a good joke and you need to learn.

About a month ago I had a few equally lovely and beautiful friends over for a craft day (or “Pinterest Day”). We spread out all our craft-goodness and created away.

It was one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in the past year. After which I realized how much I love having friends over to share in one another’s creativity. So it was no surprise that “Knitting Day” ended the same way. It’s become a tradition to take a group picture at the end of the day. Each person holding up the project(s) they worked on.

Emily, Me, Brittney and Jenna on Craft Day - Timer went off too soon.

Emily, Me, Brittney and Jenna - Craft day!

Katie, Jennifer, Victoria and I - Knitting day!

So, to all you ladies who love knitting, sewing, stamping, drawing or whatever-ing, after the month of January has commenced we’ll be setting another “craft day”. My doors are open to you.

Honestly. This is what makes me happy: 1. people and 2. being crafty. So let’s compromise with a third option: people + being crafty. Done.


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