Welcome, Olly.

Olly is the new giraffe in town. I’m quite proud of him, as he is the first somewhat complex pattern I’ve created myself.

I’ve made stuffed dinosaurs the past couple years for new mommies and usually I put the baby’s name on the side. That dino is based on a fantastic pattern I bought called “Dilbert” by Melly + Me. After making about 10 of those I began to look for other little animals to make. I didn’t really like what I found. I wanted something…I dunno…cuter. So I thought, heck, I’ll just give it a go. I figured a giraffe was the next easiest thing. Just make a dinosaur with a longer, more vertical-ish neck.

So I took the basic “standing-foot” idea I learned from making dinosaurs and changed it up a bit. I also added a small panel on the face of this giraffe to create more dimension and space for those cute little ears and horns.

I’m starting to make some fun things to stock-pile for a booth I’m hoping to have at the Milwaukie Sunday Market next spring. I’m adding Olly to the inventory. In the next couple weeks I’ll draw up a pattern to sell as well.

SO excited! Gotta love Olly.


10 thoughts on “Welcome, Olly.

    • Darleen! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Maybe I’ll learn how to make a cat and set it right next to Milly’s food dish, see if she’ll defend her territory.

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