Simple gifts can be the best gifts.

I was inspired by my friend Brittney (who is a card-making machine) to make cards and envelopes this year for Christmas. Money is tight around the holidays so I am always wracking my brain to come up with low-cost, high-awesomeness presents.

Remember when I said I was at the Goodwill Outlet and I went to the one area where there are no crowds and that is mostly deserted? Yeah that was the book section, where I get pics for card making. Sad. But better for me I guess, I have the pick of the litter.

I always try to find older books. I love 50s and 60s kids books and fairy tale books. Those have great images for creating a unique card that anyone would like. I also picked up old chorus sheet music and another old book to make envelopes out of the pages.

Making a cute card is pretty simple…you just need certain equipment. After mass producing about 30 cards, I’ve got a list of must-have’s for this craft. You need: A. Double stick tape. Really you can’t go without this. It’s less messy than glue and has a drying time of zero minutes. B. Paper cutter or nice ruler and rotary board. You need this especially if you’re going to be cutting out your own card stock for cards. I bought the pre-folded cardstock since I was making so many. C. Nice scissors. You know, for cutting out things. D. Stamps. You can go crazy with colored ink, words, etc. I think every crafty person should own a letter stamp set…you can create your own text and it looks really cute. E. A book or magazine with fun pictures. F. Internet access. When I was making cards, I wanted to find some quotes, so I googled them.

That’s pretty much it. Making envelopes is pretty simple as well. I grabbed an envelope that fit my cards and opened it up. I traced it onto fun paper and voila! Use a glue stick or rubber cement to seal the sides. I found the cutest envelopes are the ones made from paper lunch sacks.

But I got to thinking. It’s such a shame that I can only give people a few cards each. I want them to enjoy all these cards! Then it hit me, postcards. I went to Office Max and color copied each card onto cardstock, cut them out and made them into postcards. Wonderful! I also decided to do the same with some gift tags.

 So I paired each card with an envelope and added about 25 postcards and some gift tags! Pretty good. Some times simple is better. Especially this time of year when we’re overloaded with stuff. I think my fam was genuinely happy to get these. Practical, cute and made with love.

What’s funny, is now I don’t have a single card in my own house. Bet hey, it’s the season for giving.


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