Life lesson from a Corgi.

Life is full of highs.

 Made up of moments so sweet, you forget yourself.

Moments where you’re freed from all you carry on your shoulders.

Life also comes with lows. Moments where we are caught in our pain.

Gideon knows it's bath time.

 Moments where we are straining to see past our burdens and find escape.

Amidst all the ups and downs, we tend to forget, that with time, it will be okay.

Maybe we should try to savor the quiet moments and simple pleasures in life more than we do.

Every time we go to the river, Gideon gets a bath. You would think he’d pick up on this. He doesn’t. It’s better that way. He can enjoy every moment there as if it will last forever. I wish so badly that I could be like that. Be fully present and fully thankful.


2 thoughts on “Life lesson from a Corgi.

  1. What a moving piece. At first I teared up, then sobbed loudly, then started full bore crying like a three year old that just got spanked. I was so broken that I cried to God to forgive my sins (again) and promised to love and cherish all dogs forever. When I gathered my emotions enough to think, I realized what I had promised and that I’d actually prefer burning in Hell than loving all dogs. So I talked to God and took it all back except for shoplifting a spear from Import Plaza in the late 60’s. (I still have the spear and know that if I asked forgiveness, God would make me give it back).

    So I’m back to normal, but I have to hand it to Gid, “You almost had me, tough guy, I won’t forget it.”

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