Best thrift store find…ever.

Matt and I were looking over the Christmas gifts we’ve been preparing for our families…there was something missing. So Matt, lovely as he is, sat me down and said, “Haley, you know we’re on a shoestring here…but I think one trip to the thrift store would be fine.” (Yes, I find stuff to make Christmas gifts at thrift stores). I respond, “Okay…okay…what if I run into a full set of Pyrex ‘New Dot’ 1967 mixing bowls? I won’t be able to resist!” So I went to the one place I knew would not have any desirable Pyrex products. The bins. The Goodwill outlet in Sellwood. Armed with $10.00, I broke my thrift store fast.

I entered the store, aimed for the section I needed and found just what I wanted. I even got to see a nice fight break out. Someone was actually escorted from the building. For those of you who don’t know, it’s refered to as “The Bins” because they literally wheel out bins of items that people line up to dig through. Sometimes it gets a little intense. That’s why I stick to my safe sections. I can’t tell you what that is because it will give away what I’m making for Christmas, but if you think hard you can guess. What section is not going to have people lining up at it?

Anyway, I thought, great trip, still got $ in my pocket…I’ll just leave now. Actually, why don’t I just make my way around here a little more…just in case. And what would you know…not as amazing as Pyrex but close to it, I spotted something from across the room. There was a guy looking at it, assessing its value. I could tell because he was ignoring the beauty of it and had it flipped upside down and was tinkering with its mechanical parts. I kept sending vibes, “No…you don’t want it…what are you going to do with it? It’ll cost more to repair than to buy…yuck!” I hovered. The guy walked off, without this beauty in his hands. He must have known he missed out because he saw me walk right over to it, pick it up and head for the cashier without a second thought.

I found, a model AD Singer sewing machine. This machine was made in 1930. The gold leaf design still intact, a little rough, but I consider it loved. Aaaaahhhhh, what a dream. But wait, this thing weighs a ton! Crap. The bins charge by the pound. You actually pile your finds on a scale.

Me: “So how much is this here? It weighs quite a bit, so I didn’t know if you needed to weigh it or give me an estimate.”

Goodwill guy: “Uuuuhhh, maybe $10.00”

Me: (freaking out inside…this thing is worth $80.00 easy!) “Oh, I dunno……………………………………………………..”

Goodwill guy: “Okay let’s go $5.00”

Me: Quickly, “Ok, sound good, what’s the total?”

Now, before you think I’m a jerk for skimping $5.00 from Goodwill, A. That’s what you do at the bins, haggle. That guy would have thought I was a loser if I paid the whole price. Secondly, I once got some items from said thrift store and when I took off the price tag, there was another thrift store sticker underneath for half the price. What!? I know! I’ve actually ran into that with other thrift stores as well. Whatever, it went to a good cause and I give them plenty of business, so I’m not evil. Plus I only had $5.00 left. I think he knew the value of the piece anyway. He gave me a look that could be interpreted as, “Hey babe, you’re cute.” or “Yeah that’s a nice item, you got yourself a deal.”

So while this machine is not working…in fact the pedal is missing in action…it’s still worth about $80. It’s a little more rare than the Featherweight machines as it was made earlier, but I’ve seen some in much nicer condition and in working order go for $220. So I dunno, I’m thinking about cleaning it up, making a little stand for it and letting it look pretty on my shelf.

Speaking of good finds at thrift stores,

If you EVER come across the following items…call me! I’m not talking about antique store shopping my friends. If I wanted to I could pop over to eBay and buy these things, but that’s lame. So check it. Do you have something you’re collecting? Need a specific item and think I might be able to find it at a thrift store? I will totally find it for you. You just have to pay me back…and, if you come across a Pyrex piece that is too stellar for words, I will give you, I dunno, like a buck more than it costs! A 100 penny finders fee. How does that sound?

OR maybe I’ve got something you like and we can trade? See where I’m going with this…we can help each other out. I might even be willing to give up this sewing machine for a set of New Dots…I know it’s kind of sickening huh?

If you’re not Pyrex knowledgeable, here’s how you can tell if it’s Pyrex:

Don’t be fooled. The Fire King brand has a lot of Pyrexy looking items, so read carefully. Anyway here are some pics of Pyrex I’ve been looking for and can’t seem to find.

Go forth and conquer!


7 thoughts on “Best thrift store find…ever.

    • Jay! Thanks for commenting, that’s so sweet of you! I’m flattered you took to the time to actually read it! My hubby doesn’t even do that, he just skims and looks through the pictures. Hahaa…

  1. I will print this off for Grandma. I noticed an estate sale ad, but I had missed the date. I called Grandma as it was in her complex. She had indeed gone to the sale looking for pyrex, but they only had 3 items & they were very scratched. She would love to keep an eye out for you. There are 90 units where she lives. Each unit housing someone 70 – 95 years old.

    Most of these designs were popular in the ’70’s, so maybe empty nesters downsizing is where to look. Yikes, me!!!!

  2. I’ve always got my eyes peeled for beautiful vintage pyrex at bargain prices. (I’m a collecter too–so whimsical and fun!) Consider the dots (and others) burned in my mind! If I’m ever out and about I can send a picture to your phone and ask if you want me to pick ’em up!

    Happy hunting! Isn’t it fun!? I love it! :)

    • Oooooo you collect them too? Well I actually have a couple peices I wouldn’t mind getting rid of (doubles, etc.) so next time you’re out take a peek! I would love to have more room :)

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