I don’t think I’ve posted about my Pyrex obsession on the blog yet. The intensity has subsided slightly, but I’ve still got the collectors itch. I’ve heard mixed reviews on how people feel about Pyrex. Some love the look of the patterns, some hate them. I’ve definitely got my favorites. I also admit to passing up pieces that just don’t seem that attractive. After all, I display these things in my hutch, why would I want to look at some ugly casserole dish? But there are really only a few I’ve passed up. Below are some of the items I’ve collected. I have several other pieces that I use daily for mixing bowls, salad bowls, etc.

One reason I love collecting Pyrex is, no matter how much you love or hate it, it’s got history. Honestly…I buy one bowl and I have 6 women say, “Oh my Grandmother had those bowls!” or “My Mom had that whole set, she loved them!” The patterns hold memories for so many people.

There is so much information about Pyrex products available that you can track when each pattern was made. I’ve got Pyrex that is almost 70 years old! Women, in the height of “domestic bliss” expressed their individuality through the patterns. The pieces are more than just cool dishes (all of which I use) they are, to me, a slice of history. I really wont get into all the ways in which these dishes represent “home” for so many.

These products were loved dearly by people. They were some of the first “Oven to Table” dishware available. Right now, collecting Pyrex is not an expensive hobby. I hit up the thrift stores to find mine. But, quickly the price of Pyrex on eBay and in antique stores is rising. Maybe I’ll cash in my collection when my oldest piece hits 100 years old.

The ultimate Pyrex website:


One thought on “Pyrex.

  1. I love your pyrex collection- We have this thrift store near us that has tons of vintage pyrex and I think about you ever time I am there! This is the first time I have seen the whole collection.

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