Fireplace update

We’re finished! Well you know. Never really, but for now. Yesterday was an epic day. 2nd egg, Christmas tree, hair coloring, and decorating the new shelves. I thought I was going to have to scramble around for items to fill them…but soon I realized I have a surplus of thrift store finds in our “guest” room (really a store-room with a bed that looks nice sometimes.) It was comforting to find that besides about 3 items, I had gotten everything you see here 2nd hand. Thrift stores, yard sales, passed down to me, etc. Matt always wondered how these wacky items could come together…he wonders no more. Here are some pics!

Here is a pic of what you saw last time…

And now!

It already looks slightly different from this…I’m constantly moving things around. Plus we busted out some Christmas decor late last night.

We decided at the last minute to paint the back of the shelves a blueish-gray color. I’m so happy we did! It makes everything pop!


There are lots of little things here that I would love to show you, but my camera doesn’t take pictures the way I’d like it too. I want (not need) a fancy camera. One day Haley, one day.

In the meantime we absolutely love the fireplace. We’re both feeling blessed that we were able to do this project. It’s a gift to have the resources (In Matt’s case, the talent) to create this. Well, I see some things I want to move around on the mantel…so I’m off!


2 thoughts on “Fireplace update

  1. This looks really great. I notice Giana has one side & Samuel the other. Where will other nieces & nephews be placed? It will be so much fun for you to constantly change the decor to fit the season, mood, new purchase or just whatever.

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