First Egg.

Around 4:30pm tonight, I said to Matt, “Why don’t we go look for an egg?” This is the first time I’ve ever even attempted to look for an egg. I thought the light bulb would speed things up…but man…it did it’s job. It’s only been like a week! Lately the hens have been, well, crouching when we reach down to pick them up. Basically, they’re ready for a rooster which means they’re starting to develop eggs. Sometimes, for brief spats during the winter hens lose this behavior, simultaneously laying fewer eggs. Weirdly enough, the crouching didn’t begin until I started the light bulb thing (“I am the best chicken mother…ever”).

So we go outside. Matt runs ahead of me and lifts the nesting box lid (I had placed a fake egg on one side to encourage the ladies to lay there). He yells, “An egg! There’s an egg is here!” and he’s feverishly pointing down into the box. My response, “Oh whatever.” “No, Haley! I’m not kidding, right here!” What would you know. A nice pinkish brown egg lay perfectly in its little spot, waiting to be claimed. We speculate that Amelia laid this gem. She’s supposed to lay pinkish-brown eggs and we caught her nestling into this spot a couple of times…

Either way, we’re pumped. Now I feel like we’re in new territory and I’ve got to do some reading up on specific things concerning egg laying. Aren’t chickens amazing?


8 thoughts on “First Egg.

  1. How exciting! A friend at work has chickens too and she just gave me a dozen and one of them is green! How many chickens do you and Matt have?

    • We have three hens! We bought five in June but two ended up being roosters! These three have been great. We’ll probably get about 4 more this next spring. I heard that you get so many eggs that it’s easy to give them away…I’m excited!

      • How exciting! You’ll love giving away eggs! My parents have eggs coming out their EARS in the summer months. :P We bring them into work and have a few customers that look forward to picking up a dozen eggs every week or so. :)

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