Fireplace transformation = Matt is awesome.

Oh man. I am so excited that this project is nearing its end…I had to post about it. Beginning of Matt’s Thanksgiving break from school, we started in on transforming our dull fireplace. What was a 50’s style brick fireplace with three awkward brick shelves jutting out, is now beautiful with a mantle and shelves. All thanks to my hubby, of course.

We’re not quite done…or I should say, I’m not quite done, as it only has one coat of oil primer on so far. Three coats of satin white are still needed. That’s my job. I am so sick of painting with oil paint…it’s so incredibly smelly. I’m sitting here right now with a gas-mask like filter on my face and have Gideon holed up in the smell-free bedroom. The doors are wide open and the thermometer says its 51 degrees in here…bbbrrrr.

So take a look at the progress!

When we moved in the fireplace had paneling on either side. We took it down, insulated and put up drywall. We left it pretty much like that for the last two years. Below is a picture I took just after Matt had started in on the project. Not sure why I had the couch taking up half the pic but alas you get the idea.

We chiseled off the brick shelves…a HUGE job. There were sparks flying and all sorts of insane noises coming from our house. Neighbors even came over to check out the commotion.

Matt got to work building the shelves, while I primed and painted the fireplace.

And finally…the fireplace nears completion! Tonight I’ll put on a coat of paint and then tomorrow I’ll put one on in the morning and another in the evening. Wednesday, I can clean the crap out of everything in our house, since it’s all covered in dust + get a Christmas tree. Thursday/Friday, decorate for Christmas…most exciting part = stockings on an actual mantel!!

You can tell I was excited to post pics…the primer is this picture is still wet. When all is said and done I’ll post a final picture. It will look a lot more crisp and finished with the final coats of paint! If you see Matt, you should give him a pat on the back. He worked so hard on this. Some days he woke up, started working right away and worked late into the night…only stopping when I would make him eat food. He built every piece of this from scratch. It’s truly a reflection of what a skilled and gifted craftsman his is! Mike Holmes would be proud.

See the finished product here!


7 thoughts on “Fireplace transformation = Matt is awesome.

  1. “Matt is amazing,” I agree. I am mystified at his abilities.
    It is so great that he has found something about which he is passionate and skilled.

  2. I want Kara’s pony tail in the center as well! But seriously it looks so awesome! It will look so good all decorated for christmas- can’t wait to see the stocking on the mantle.

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