Things to make with an old sheet.

When I was watching my mom fold laundry at her house the other day, she pulled this bright green sheet out of the basket. We were chatting away but I couldn’t take my eyes off that sheet. I had seen it a thousand times. She probably got this sheet well before I was born.

I suddenly was inspired! “Mom…can I have that?” She looked at me like I was crazy. “This old thing?”. When she saw the excitement on my face she simply said,”Take it, it’s yours.” When you own something for so many years, it gets hard to see it’s new and different possibilities. Hence the semi-crazy look she gave me. Alas, I started making things. Take note you can’t get a feel for the true color of the fabric for two reasons. A. it’s so old that some parts are faded and worn. B. My camera is terrible. I think about it everyday. Time to start saving for a nice one.

I made this simple apron from a really worn part of the sheet. I didn’t follow a pattern. I just knew what I was looking for. I wanted a high-waisted, knee length, panel apron with a wrap belt and two big pockets. It’s hard to see the pockets in this picture, but they turned out great!

The next thing I made was this produce bag. I’ve made lots of these and they are great! Heavy duty and multi-functional. I’ve got a huge one for potatoes and a tiny one for chapstick, etc. that hangs in my purse. I don’t have a pattern for these, but I’m sure you can find a simple one online if you’re looking to make one.

I then moved on to make a simple tote bag. Come on. We all love tote bags and you can’t really get enough of these things. I’m always needing to replace the ones that get trampled in the car or that I leave at someone’s house.

Mmmmhhmmm…what else can I make? Probably more produce bags…maybe a pot holder. I could make banner flags…a dino (great for a baby shower gift)….I could recover a lamp shade, a pillow! I could use scraps to hang a wreath or cover a glass candle holder…I could make coasters by “Modge Podge-ing” some to tiles. The possibilities are endless!

One thing is for sure, that if you come across a cool old sheet you have some options. First, you can make things for yourself. Second, you can ask me to make things for you (my price being a produce bag out of it). Third, you can just give it to me…

If I wasn’t on a thrift store fast I would be out looking for these like they were worth big bucks.


3 thoughts on “Things to make with an old sheet.

  1. Haley! I totally know that sheet! It was on the bed in the spare room off the garage at your house on Mall St. I loved those sheets- slept on them many a time! How awesome and creative you are!

  2. I’m impressed! Who would have guessed? I’ve never made a tote bag, but it’s on our pre-Christmas list to make a few out of Layena bags. Have you seen those? We saw them online. If not…I’m thinking it might need to be on your future project list. :) (Especially if you have the pink bag from October!)

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