Nephew sleepovers are the best.

“Aaaahhhh, it’s quiet and peaceful in my home. My dog is sleeping soundly and I am thinking about reasons why I’ll have to get off the couch in the next hour. But…it seems kinda sad here now. There is not bustling around, no “But why?”, no Elmo music in the background, no running to baby-proof forgotten areas of the house…no super cute cunning smiles or Rrraawwwwrrr’s!  The constant energetic lovely company of a 2 1/2 year old are gone. Maybe I won’t get up off the couch for a very long time.” These were all thoughts wandering through my mind when Samuel left for home yesterday after a night at our house.

Samuel saying, "Sit kitchens...sit!"

Honestly. My nephew, is the cutest toddler in the world. My niece holds cutest baby for first place and I sense as she rapidly reaches toddler-hood that they will join forces to create a cute-duo that can’t be beat. Samuel definitely doesn’t fit the baby category anymore. I was reminded of that several times during his sleepover at our house. For example, would a baby walk up to a barista as we’re leaving and say, “Thank you for hot chocolate” (oh man, they melted). Would a baby give me a half crazed glare as I tell him to put down the deodorant, then smirk wildly and rub it all over his arm? No…Toddlers do these things.

Fun finger painting!

It was a joy to spend one-on-one time with him. While I joke about him being a handful, it’s really nothing in comparison to the wonderfullness of being in that little boys presence. I’m biased, yes, but I’ve heard plenty of others say the same thing.

Uncle Matt and Sam wrestling before bedtime

I look forward to times like this more than I enjoy the quiet.

Gideon...I found him hiding here...hunkering down to withstand the tornado :)

Though I dont think Gideon feels the same way.


5 thoughts on “Nephew sleepovers are the best.

  1. Very cute kid. I like him with the chickens and the one with Matt. You’re living a simple and lovely life. I’m proud of you.


  2. Nephews are the best My whole life changed when I became an Aunt. I am lucky to have had many wonderful nephew experiences like you got to have with little Sam. And yes, just being in their presence is absolutely wonderful!

  3. I think Samuel loved your blog about him… he had a big smile on his face and kept saying, “there’s a picture of me” and telling me about the pictures! Thanks for being such a great Auntie! We love yo!

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