Marionberry Muffins.

I had a bag of frozen marionberries sitting in our freezer for about a year. Recently, they’d been calling to me. Every time I opened the freezer…I would look at them for a long time…”What will I make with you….I don’t knoooow…scones? No…Pie? No….”

Then I found this marionberry muffin recipe online and it seemed to hit the spot:

The muffins were great! I slightly thawed the berries before baking and they were delicious! These muffins are not overly sweet. I thought the sugar on top wold put them over the edge…but it didn’t. They were just what I was looking for.

I followed the recipe pretty much verbatim. Though I made a big rookie mistake and didn’t carefully read through the ingredients. When I got to “2 cups sour cream”…oh crap. Google emergency…”Sour cream substitutes”. Plain yogurt! Yeah, I’ve got that! Also, I would have lightly sprayed the cupcake liners. You pretty much peel off the bottom of the muffin when you take it off.

So go! Make muffins and be happy!


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