One kitchen item you can’t live without?

No! You can’t say your stand-up mixer. Everyone knows those are the most amazing things ever…so let’s skip that. What item…if it went missing…would crush you? You would notice every time you walked into the kitchen? If you’re not a cook…it could even be something like your coffee pot, toaster etc. And do you have any advice that goes along with this item? Here’s an example:

Mine: Food processor. I use it every other day…and life before was slower. My advice if you’re thinking about buying one is to pay extra to get a larger sized one. I think mine is an 8 cupper…which is great. They do sell bigger ones than that too. Just remember: you can do in a large one what you can do in a small, but not vise-versa. You may end up having to puree lots of little batches of things. I’ve only had to do that once with a really thick bean loaf mixture (Thanks Julie Hale). It’s pretty amazing bean loaf. Worth the time.

“I think every woman should have a blowtorch” – Julia Child


12 thoughts on “One kitchen item you can’t live without?

  1. Mmmmm, probably my smallest, Cuisinart, saucepan. I use it EVERY morning to cook our little girl’s slow-cook oats for breakfast. It’s the perfect sized pan for veggies, too!

  2. I know some who would say spatula… I do appreciate the spatula and agree with someone that you really cannot have enough spatulas but they can often be replaced by a fork.

    The can opener is pretty valuable to me but nowadays they’re making those cans that open like a popcan so those are losing significance in the kitchen…

    Knives are fairly useful. A big sharp knife. But then you need all kinds for various uses and so it becomes hard to narrow down which is most important.

    a good bowl is extremely important to me. A big, well-walled bowl. For ice cream, for cereal, for mixing, for salad mixing, for pasta. Bowls may be my number one.

    Really though, kitchen item…I may say food. If my kitchen has no food I think we all know to expect an angry Kara.

  3. Hmmm…I’m not sure I would notice it until I went to make cookies or pizza or biscuits or scones…but I think I might not live without it! It’s my Pampered Chef baking stone. Actually, I confess, I have invested. I have two bar pans, a pizza stone, a 9×13, a square casserole dish, a deep dish baker, a bread pan, a pie pan, and a muffin pan. So, pretty much anything that goes in the oven sits on stoneware at my house. I can’t imagine going back to metal!
    PS: On garlic presses…the Pampered Chef one really is amazing and has a little cleaning tool that fits right on it for storage. I’ve had mine for about 10 years! And you don’t have to peel the garlic. But on NPR the other day, I heard you can smack a head of garlic with your fist, throw the cloves in a metal bowl, put another bowl on top. Shake it hard for 5 or 10 seconds and…tadah…it’s peeled. I heard it live on the radio (bang-a-bang-a-bang), but I’m going to have to actually try it sometime…except that the trick-or-treaters stole my good bowl!

    • First off…it shows what kind of person you are that you used your good bowl for trick-or-treaters! You’re better than me…I get out old plastic tubs…hahaa. No kids gunna get there grubby hands on my Pyrex! Second off…I might go invest in one of those Pampered Chef presses. I’ve got this weird plastic tube thing that peels garlic in a second. You pop in the heads and roll with your palm on the counter and viola! But when I need garlic pressed I dread it.
      So wait, you’re muffin pan and all those things are stone? Or they sit on your baking stone?

      • They are all made of stoneware. I just meant that cookies, muffins, pizza, bread…all that stuff “sits on stoneware.”

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