I am the best chicken mother…ever.

Well not really. Like I’ve said before I don’t make my chickens a warm breakfast every morning, like some do. That might be because I don’t even make myself a warm breakfast, but who knows. I can’t be bothered with that.

However, I do pay attention to my chickens and what they’re eating. I give them cracked corn scratch in the evening sometimes because it warms them up for the cold nights. I also give them plain yogurt (which you can see in the first picture), amongst other delish treats that help hens stay healthy and therefore produce great eggs. They’ll be 6 months in December which would be around the age a hen lays her first egg. But with the short days and cold weather, they might not lay until Feb. Chickens lay more frequently with more daylight (their ideal is about 14 hours of light). So I’m trying out the light bulb in the coop technique. We’ve thrown a 10w bulb into the coop (they don’t need a lot of extra heat…not until it’s about 20 degrees, then we’ll swap it out for a 60w). It’s incredible how much the girls loved it!

They immediately ran out from under the coop, hopped up the stairs and started exploring around.

 By now (4:30pm), they would have been fast asleep on their roost. So this was a complete success! They’re still up scratching around, getting some more exercise and hopefully they will feel motivated to lay a few beauties in the next few weeks or so. We’ll turn the light off around 8pm, giving them an extra 3 1/2 hours of light for the day. Like I said, awesome chicken mother.


5 thoughts on “I am the best chicken mother…ever.

  1. I love your ideas! I’ve never heard of plain yogurt and I’ve thought about getting chicken scratch, but haven’t yet. We’ll have to check it out. Plus, you just reminded me that we’re supposed to get oyster shell now that they are laying. Thanks!
    Ours are laying 4 or 5 a day now. I love how they’re all different colors! Kiki has dark brown eggs, Della has pale green and Gracie a bit darker, Halcyon’s are pinkish brown, and Lucy’s are just brown (or is it the other way around?). Nate set up a light on a timer. It goes on at 3 or 4 am and goes off at 9am or so. D was SO excited when they started laying! I hope yours start soon! Keep us posted…

    • Another awesome low maintenance chick treat is the “Flock Block”. Some variations are spendy but it will keep your girls entertained for hours and you don’t have to lug out the snacks every day. P.S. I love the names!

      • I just googled “flock block.” Have you tried making one? I saw it on backyardchickens.com. Looks interesting…

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