Product Review – Tofurky peppered deli slices

Okay…really…being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that sometimes the long forgotten taste of a really yummy peppered turkey sandwich doesn’t resurface once is a while. I used to think that foods made to taste like meat products were weird. A. I was sure none of it tasted yummy and B. I didn’t think you’d miss the taste enough to buy it in the first place. Also the name, “tofurky” did not exactly conjure up pictures of culinary delight. After about 2 years being vegetarian (technically a pescetarian – I eat fish) I’ve begun to search out different options for added creativity when cooking. That and I hope to some day trick people into eating something they think is meat…and then SURPRISE, it’s not. It’s pretty incredible what products are out there. My long-range goal is to be able to mimic these products at home…the tofo ones at least.

Here’s one such delish food item:

Honestly. besides a slight difference in texture (it’s not springy…you now how with turkey you can take a bite and it’s slightly springy and has some bounce to it…this doesn’t) it tastes exactly the same! So yummy and peppery!  It’s primary ingredients are wheat and tofu with some added spice. The couple of slices I added to my sandwich were about 25 calories with 10g of protein. It costs about the same as well…maybe slightly more expenssive…it’s been a while since I bought turkey so I can’t quite remember.

But this is definitely going on my grocery list more often!


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