Laundry Room – Before and After

Last summer, well I guess it would be considered two summer’s ago, now that it’s November and this summer is most assuredly over. Summer of 2010, Matt and I began creating a utility room out of our breezeway. And when I say Matt and I, I really mean Matt and I + several people. First off it was the visit of Matt’s brother Casey that spurred the whole project into being. It had been on our wish list to begin the project and Casey helped convince Matt that they should just get going on it. So it began. Joe, Matt’s other bro was a huge help throughout the entirety of the project and Bill, Matt’s dad helped out tremendously as well, not to mention that we used most of his tools :). I, well I helped it turn out cute. A.K.A: picking out paint color, laminate, accessories, etc. I also painted the trim yesterday which is why it’s now being posted about. But if you’re a home project person at all, you know projects are never quite done (our door and windows still need to be refinished…next summer).

But the gist of the room is complete. So take a look at these before & after’s:

That’s pretty much it! I hardly notice the old washer and dryer anymore. You can see we added the laundry shoot from our bedroom because the room is only accessible from outside. We’ve also still got some accessories to add. Matt built the shelves and the utility sink stand. It’s amazing what he can do. This space was really fun to create out of nothing. I’ll never forget trying to lift the massive sheets of drywall 6 feet in the air and not being able to, (said by Matt) “On 3 okay?…1…2…3…Okay I don’t think it moved at all…one more time”

In case anyone wonders: Faucet, lamps, floor mat and shelf: IKEA, Baskets: Ross (or something like that), Clock: Goodwill, Sink: Home Depot.


5 thoughts on “Laundry Room – Before and After

      • I was literally JUST posting them. Weirdly enough the last half of my post dissapeared into oblivion, so I was re-writing it. Ugh.

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