Blurring the line between “want” and “need”.

Shut the front door. An ice cream maker attachment?!

I had no idea. My KitchenAid stand mixer, so lovingly given to me by my Grandma Schimming (she unknowingly unleashed a monster), was already my favorite object of all time. I use it almost every day. But now…now it’s beyond comprehension. I love ice cream. I love vanilla ice cream. I love homemade vanilla ice cream. It’s like two pretty good worlds colliding to create a new & better world. And now, once I convince Matt to purchase this for me this holiday season, I will finally get to throw a vanilla ice cream taste testing party (yes, in winter) which will include watching in awe as my mixer mixes up delightfull-ness. So bring your Lactaid, cause this might rock your world in more ways than one.


2 thoughts on “Blurring the line between “want” and “need”.

  1. I really really really wish I was going to be in Oregon this winter!!!! Because I really want to come to your ice cream taste testing. Tyler really wants the Pasta press attachment for our kitchen aid so that we can make homemade pasta.

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