Gideon, the mighty sleeper.

When I went to crawl in bed last night, after a long day of…well after a long day with little sunlight in which I did things…this is what was lying on my side of the bed, with his head on my pillow. Snoring.

After kicking a very grumpy Gideon off the bed I slept soundly. With the exception of the moment when Matt sat up suddenly in the night looking wildly around the bed. He suddenly stopped and said, “Oh!”. I asked “What? What is it?!” Matt responds “Oh wow…where’s that pregnant animal? One of us had a pet…maybe it went back.” Then head slammed on pillow and all signs of intelligent life vanished. No more “When animals attack”.

Around 6:30am I was waking up and thought the room was empty or at least that the bed was…I leaned over, turned on my side light and voila!

There was Gid, sound asleep with his head on Matt’s pillow. I love dogs. I love them even more when they do things that mimic human behaviors even though I know it’s all unintentional. Like sitting upright in the passenger seat. I really don’t know how he gets his paws tucked in so tightly. There’s not much paw to tuck so that’s an advantage.

I got up and like the great protector and loyal companion he is, he kept sleeping until about just now…10am. Like I said, love this dog.


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